Feather Mattress – Converting Your Bed

Today you can convert your existing bed and enjoy the relaxing peaceful sleep and downy soft comfort by adding a feather mattress topper.

A feather topper helps minimize tossing and turning when you sleep at night, keeping your sleeping partner from being disturbed. For those concerned about allergies, feathers and down fillings are encased within a heavy cotton cover that is resistant to tears and spillage, but for those with severe allergies, there is a hypoallergenic type of down mattress pad available. There are a few brands, such as Pacific Coast, that makes feather bed mattresses that come with an “allergy free” warranty because of rigorous cleaning of the feathers and down prior to manufacturing.

If you buy a feather mattress topper, you can expect it to last for years, if not decades. They will flatten easily, and you will leave a dent where you were. Your bed will look nicer if you fluff your feather bed mattress often. Some feather mattress toppers are made with “baffles” or “boxes” to corral the feathers into compartments so that all the feathers don’t bunch up on one side. These feather bed toppers are similar to very thick down comforters.

Feather mattress toppers are available in all sizes. For a queen sized bed, expect to pay anywhere from less than $100 to more than $400. They come in a number of thicknesses, some with baffling, some without, some with high thread count cotton covers, and other goodies that can make the price go up. The Pacific Coast hypoallergenic style mentioned above goes for about $150. And for those with allergies, there are “feather” mattress toppers for under $100 that are filled with down alternative material that is anti-microbial. Using feather mattress pads to convert mattresses to the feeling of feather mattresses is certainly nothing new.

Many of us who have slept on a feather mattress did so at grandparents’ homes. They’re traditional, but they’ve been around for so long because they really are comfortable, and they don’t cost that much while making an ordinary bed extraordinarily comfortable.

Todays new innovations and technology are great for other modern day comforts but in the instance of feather mattress toppers or a wool mattress topper it is one case where “old school” is preferred by many people. Sleep quality is important, and scientists are still discovering the benefits of good sleep. Adding the comfort of a feather mattress can really help promote a restful and stress free sleep.

Investing in a good, comfortable bed is an investment in your own health in the long run. Feathers have been used in bedding as long as anyone can remember. They’ve been around far longer than central heating, so their value for keeping sleepers warm in winter has long been known. The same is true for the air circulation promoted by a fluffed feather mattress in the summer: bottom line, better sleep.

For a lot of people, the only ‘bad’ thing about having a featherbed mattress topper is having to actually get up and leave it in the morning. Historically, feather beds have been traced to northern Europe. The prevalence of duck and goose in the diet led to an abundance of feathers, and someone realized that feathers are very comfortable to sleep on. Nobody knows how many centuries ago the feather mattress topper came about.

Today, we have incredible modern conveniences: one-touch gourmet coffee in the morning, cars that give us directions so we don’t become lost, tiny electronic devices for listening to music or watching movies, and phones that surf the internet. But when it comes to something as basic as sleep, a lot of people believe that earlier generations had it right. Convert your existing bed and enjoy the feeling of sleeping on a feather mattress. It’s hard to beat the comfort of sleeping on cozy down feathers.


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