Feather Mattress Topper

A feather mattress topper is like a gigantic feather pillow. It goes on top of a mattress and adds extra cushioning to the bed..,

Usually they are made from heavy ticking and are covered with a bed sheet. When they became popular is lost in the mist of history, but they are in vogue today for the same reasons they were popular centuries ago: they’re luxurious, promote sound sleep, and they help sleepers regulate their body temperature.

After a few decades of burning the candle at both ends, a lot of people are realizing just how much good a good night’s sleep can do. It reduces stress, refreshes the brain, and can even help people avoid weight gain. This is probably another reason that the feather mattress topper is back in vogue today. In winter, the feathers hold body heat, allowing you to turn the thermostat down. In summer, a freshly fluffed feather mattress topper allows air to circulate between the feathers, helping keep you cool.

The choice between down and feathers has arguments both ways. Down, the light, fluffy feathers found underneath the regular feathers, are amazingly soft, giving a cloud-like feel to a feather mattress topper, but feathers are far more resilient. An alternative to a thick feather mattress topper is a down mattress pad. Both are excellent ways to retro fit your existing bed and mattress.

A feather mattress topper is easy to clean. Most are washable, while some must be spot cleaned only. And optionally it may be a good idea to cover your feather topper with a washable cover. The feather mattress toppers that can usually be washed in your home washer and dryer. With a clean feather mattress pad , weekly fluffing will help extend its life by redistributing the strain on the feathers. Some experts recommend airing feather mattress toppers in the sun, but others say that airing a feather bed mattress in intense dry heat can make the feathers brittle. A good airing outside twice a year in an area out of direct sunlight will add years of life.

Some mattress and mattress topper experts recommend booking a night in a hotel that has feather mattress toppers before buying, so you can find out for yourself if it will be a good choice for you. However, your mileage may vary with this approach. The cost of the stay can end up being more than the cost of the topper, and in the long run you will always find a use for it.

The main reason for using any mattress topper is to add to the comfort of the sleeper. While some people swear by feather mattress toppers, some people prefer memory foam or latex mattress toppers. It is important to note, however, that putting a feather bed on top of a mattress that is worn out can’t make up for the fact that you’re sleeping on a worn out mattress, though it might make it a little more comfortable.

If you are looking for a mattress topper to support arthritic joints, then memory foam or latex are probably better alternatives to feather mattress toppers. Feather mattress toppers are for those who like to feel cocooned in softness while they sleep. They offer cushioning rather than support, and so may not be a good choice for those with arthritis or back problems. However, for those who have a mattress that they believe to be too firm, feather mattress toppers can make a big difference, and they cost less than memory foam or latex mattress toppers.

There are a couple of ways of dealing with sheets on a mattress topped with a feather bed. Some people choose to buy fitted sheets with extra deep pockets and cover the feather bed and mattress both with it, while others choose to clothe the mattress and the feather bed separately. The first option may keep the feather bed in place better, but the second option makes them easier to fluff. It’s really a matter of personal choice.

Consider the options available to you and try a feather mattress topper that fits your needs. Sleep tonight in comfortable luxury.