Feather Mattress Pad

There are a variety of mattress toppers and mattress pads that you can use with your existing mattress. A mattress topper and a mattress pad are both designed to work with your mattress to increase comfort and extend the life of your mattress. Sometimes the words mattress topper and mattress pad are used interchangeably, but there are a variety of toppers and pads constructed of very different materials and designed to fill very different needs.

There is nothing new about feather mattresses of course, but what is changing is the trend as many people are now caring more about their sleep time and investing in quality bedding. The feather bed mattress really does enhance comfort on the bed, and so the cost of such luxury is more than worth the outlay.

A feather mattress pad is a good choice for someone who is looking for added cushioning rather than supplemental support. These mattress pads are available in a variety of combinations, primarily feathers and/or down from geese or ducks. While they don’t keep their shape as well as memory or latex foam, they are usually cheaper than the foam options and could be a good fit for someone who likes to feel cozy and enveloped while they sleep.

A feather mattress pad offers a lot in the way of comfort, as the various feather blends conform to and hug the body, but this softness doesn’t come with much support. Those who have a soft mattress or suffer from joint or muscle pain may find that an extremely soft feather topper isn’t the best choice. For those who already have a firm mattress, a feather topper will add some much-needed cushioning, while not detracting from the support already offered by the mattress. The feather bed mattress doesn’t stop at providing the ultimate sleeping surface either.

Feathers are also used in bedding items because they trap body heat too. Its one thing being snug, but when you’re as warm as toast on those cold winter nights, bedtime becomes so much more than just a period of sleep. There’s nothing quite like tucking up early in the comfort of a warm and cozy bed with a good read. With quality feather mattress toppers and feathers or down pillows and comforters, bedtime becomes prime time, and something to really look forward to.

Feather mattress pads are highly durable and should last for many years. They tend to flatten easily when laid on, which also causes clumps to appear where no one is laying, so they need to be shaken out and fluffed every once in awhile. Feather and down pillow pads are available with either baffled channels or boxes, which alleviates some of the bunching and provides a more even sleep surface. Cleaning a feather mattress is easy, with most being dry-clean only, though there are some available that are machine washable.

Add a feather mattress pad to your bed and you’ll find out how much comfort they can add. Relax and get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.