Wool Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is quite simple to define. It is merely a cushioned pad that sits on top of a mattress. The occasional mattress topper will have straps, which can be placed around each corner of the bed to minimize slipping or sliding of the pad. Many people use a mattress topper to compensate for a bed that feels too firm.

For years either egg crate foam or thin feather beds were the most popular types. They were available to fit any size bed, and sometimes the economic minded simply purchased egg crate foam cut to size from a futon or industrial store. Since both were often available for less than 50 US dollars (USD), they were an inexpensive means to extend the life of a bed that was proving uncomfortable.

If you do one thing to improve the quality of your bed, it is absolutely recommend adding a wool mattress topper. Time and time again, our customers say that adding a natural wool mattress topper has made all the difference between a restful night sleep and the opposite. Studies have shown that your heart rate lowers when you sleep on a natural surface, resulting in a deeper sleep. Thus, if you currently have a synthetic mattress or a cotton futon treated with chemical fire retardant it is very important to use a natural wool topper.

A wool mattress topper is also incredibly cozy and provides as much or as little cushiness as you desire. Wool is very absorbent and will wick moisture away from you at night- keeping you dry and at an even temperature. Wool will never harbor dust mites. (Dust mites don’t like wool). They are made with organic cotton fabric cover and pure eco grown wool on the inside. Most are machine washable with specific instructions provided.

If you have never thought of wool mattress pads, it is highly recommended that you do. The mattress toppers are made of sheep’s wool. These wool mattress toppers are great for places that experience both cold and warm weather. The wool mattress topper draws moisture away from your skin. This makes sure that you are neither too hot nor too cold. When you are at a comfortable temperature you tend to toss and turn less, getting a better night’s sleep.

This mattress topper also acts as a buffer for your shoulders, hips, and pressure-sensitive areas giving you a more refreshing sleep. This pillow top mattress topper will not hollow out in spots. And it also is naturally resistant to mite, allergens, and bacteria, which will give you a cleaner bed, and in turn giving you a better place to sleep. The additional moisture-absorbent and naturally antibacterial layer protects the new mattress and provides exceptional ability for air to circulate through the materials. Adding a wool topper to any bed will provide you with the comfort and breathability of natural wool.

Adding the extra cushion and comfort to your existing mattress with a wool mattress topper is a perfect solution for a wonderful night’s sleep.