Feather Mattress Topper – Old World Feather Comfort

A feather mattress topper is a creature comfort with a decidedly Old World appeal. Mattress pads have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. They can increase our sleep quality as well as comfort level. However the terms, mattress topper, mattress pad and mattress protector are often used interchangeably and can cause confusion to the prospective buyer.

Unlike conventional mattress pads, which have elasticized corners that permit them to fit tightly over your bed, feather mattresses “top” the mattress like a large pillow. A feather mattress topper won’t noticeably change the firmness of your mattress, but its billowy texture will give your bed an added measure of soft, plush support. When you choose a feather mattress topper, take the same things into consideration that you would if you were choosing a down comforter.

Having a comfortable bed is very important to be sure, and feather mattress toppers can help serve this need. There are, however, a few other situations in which it helps one to have an extra layer of padding between themselves and a potentially expensive mattress. These situations all tend to revolve around some form of mess making such as profuse sweating, bed wetting and spills. In these situations having an additional layer of protection between the source of the problem and a comparatively expensive mattress can help one save money in the long run by offering an additional layer of protection.

However, when one shops for feather mattress toppers, there are certain points to be kept in mind like finding out what kind of fill is inside the feather mattress topper. Many feather mattress toppers have a fill that consists of both feathers and down. A feather mattress topper filled with 100 percent goose down–down harvested from mature birds–will give the topper better loft and a much longer life on your bed. Additionally, down is less likely to poke through the topper’s fabric cover.

Take note of the fill power in the feather mattress topper. Fill power refers to the number of down clusters that can fit into one cubic inch. Fill power is unrelated to the topper’s firmness but rather its overall quality. A feather mattress topper with a fill power of 800 will have a longer life than one with a fill power of 600. Select a feather mattress topper with a high thread count cotton cover. Although these toppers are typically encased with a protective cover, ticking with a high thread count means that the topper’s fabric is tightly woven. This prevents tiny pieces of down from poking through minute gaps in the fabric.

Once you sink down on a bed with a down mattress pad or a feather mattress pad you’ll realize what a comfortable and cozy addition it is. Our grandparents did not have all the modern conveniences we have today, but here is one thing thing that they did have and you’ll love bringing this old-fashioned luxury into your life.

Consumers can find a feather mattress topper at a variety of locales such as local bed and bath stores, stores that specialize in beds and mattresses, nearly all furniture stores, most major retail chain stores, many department stores or opt to shop on the internet. Where one chooses to shop will play a role in the types and qualities of the feather mattress toppers that are available to them.