Make Your Sleeper Sofa Comfortable with a Sofa Bed Mattress Pad

Everyone who has a sofa bed or sleeper sofa in their homes knows the feeling they have when unexpected guests arrive and you are forced to unfold it and use it. And that’s where adding a sofa bed mattress pad can really help you out!

When you initially purchase your sofa bed you are assured that it will give you the dual use that you are looking for. A sofa to be used by day and an extra bed that can be pulled out when the need arises.

Like most inventions that take two good things and try to combine them into one the result is usually a product that is seriously lacking the good original qualities of either.

Since the primary purpose of a sofa bed is its use as a place to sit it usually gives good service. The manufacturers know that the majority of the use of this contraption will be as a couch to be sat upon. So their efforts are focused on this aspect to make them as functional and comfortable as possible when used as a sofa.

But over the past few decades the mechanism used for the bed part for most of products consists of a metal pullout unit that carries the mattress in and out and is hinged with springs to make it possible to open and close the unit. The use of this sofa bed unit is common and widespread.

Most people are familiar with the metal cross bar that is part of this device. When the bed is opened, this metal cross bar lays under the center of the mattress. It, along with the usual total lack of support at the top and bottom of the mattress, is probably the most uncomfortable piece of sleeping torture devised by modern man.

Adults, and especially the elderly, usually find it impossible to get a decent night’s sleep on these steel supported mechanisms. Thankfully there are two ways to solve this problem. It is possible to make a pull out bed comfortable enough for anyone to sleep on.

To fix your sofa bed and make it a place of comfort you need to add additional padding and cushioning to take away the pressure points where a person lays. The two best solutions are to use either a sofa bed mattress pad or a feather mattress topper in addition to the mattress that originally is supplied with your unit.

In most cases using a sofa bed mattress pad over the existing mattress and underlying metal support bars will provide enough cushion to keep a person from being able to feel the bar beneath them. Measure the dimensions of the existing part of the bed. Then you will be able to find a sofa bed mattress pad that will fit. Click here for an example of a queen size pad or this overfilled ultra soft microplush sofa bed mattress pad that can be found in all the standard bed sizes at Amazon.

Better quality mattress toppers may also be used. Most sleeper sofas have standard sized mattresses. This makes it easy to find a wool, feather or down mattress topper that can be used when you turn out the bed. If you use a high quality topper rather than a sofa bed mattress pad you might find that you will need to take this off the bed before you hide it away and turn it back into a couch. Because of the additional thickness it may not fit when the bed is stored. But there is the advantage that very thick and plush toppers are available. The hassle of taking the topper off or putting it on when using the bed is a small price to pay for the extra comfort.

If your bed is moderately uncomfortable, add a sofa bed mattress pad and you will have comfort and a good night’s sleep for your guests at a reasonable price. If you want to be sure that you get the most comfortable padding and cushioning available, go with a higher quality (although more expensive) mattress topper.

When unexpected guests arrive rather than feeling guilty abount sending them to the pull out sofa to sleep, you will envy the comfortable and cozy rest that they will be looking forward to.